Start Your Journey

Start your journey

I am so glad you’re here.  I’m glad because it means you are getting ready to do some great things with your life!  Remember when Dorothy first started out in Munchkin Land with that VERY tiny swirl of Yellow Brick Road?  And you wondered how the &^%$ was that going to get her to OZ?

Well, every journey starts out small and our steps are often wobbly and fragile.  But just like Dorothy, with the help of some friends and the road to guide her, you are here to begin your own custom journey…the journey to facing, loving and changing yourself.  Soar! is the place where I can guide you, coach you, and challenge you. And the best part is that you will not be alone, because the Soar! tribe will also be here to cheer you on.

Every journey usually begins with a sound assessment of where you are, where you’d like to end up, and identifying the gap that exists between the two.  Within this “gap analysis”, you will then define the clear steps to begin taking to start you on the road to empowerment.

I imagine you might already have a few clues as to some of the obstacles.  Often, pain is a great motivator for change, because at the very least it shows us what is NOT working, what we can no longer bear, and what the postive opposite of where we are starts to look like.

So begin by answering these questions:

  1. Do you often struggle with having drama in your relationships?
  2. Do you get anxious asking for what you need…or just don’t ask?
  3. Do you often feel overwhelmed, unappreciated and just plain exhausted?
  4. Do the goals and dreams you have feel as if they are out of reach?
  5. Are there situations where you clam up or want to run and hide, such as confrontation, public speaking, meeting new people, etc etc.

If you answered even one of these questions with a YES!, then empowerment coaching may be just the thing you need.  Take a look at some of the coaching options available here to see what is the best fit for you.  If you’re not sure, just email me and I can walk through it.



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